As a complement to the Byredo Eau de Parfums, a collection of body products including body wash and body lotion is available for all current fragrances.


Both wash and lotion are available in 225ml/7.6 fl oz bottles and feature a pump and seal tight travel cap.
All products are paraben free and made in Sweden.




Are not all fathers alike, their pervading presence, always welcome, but also inescapable? Thirty years ago, those earliest impressions of family and responsibility, formed under his watchful eye. The scratch of his stubble, the stiffness of his starched shirts, the faint scent of far away metropolises still lingering on his skin upon returning. Perhaps he wore green. There was definitely a jacket, his ring, the walls in his study, the weekend car. It’s a dark emerald shade that tints those years, as much as the memories. 

Top: Orange petigrain, sage
Heart: Jasmine, rose, honeysuckle, violet
Base: Tonka almond, musk

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